Wye Organic

Meat, Vegetables & Flowers from the Wye Valley


Wye Organic is a member of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA)

www.pastureforlife.org, which places the highest standards of welfare and care on
rearing animals.

The heritage breeds we offer are native to the British Isles and thrive by grazing in mixed
pastures on a variety of grasses. They live outside all year and are left to grow at their own
pace, without supplements. Our animals benefit from a high level of traditional animal
husbandry, so they can live unstressed in nature.

Traditional animal husbandry plays a key role in the health of our soil. Timely grazing and
the recycling of nutrients from animal dung, are essential to sustaining the health of soil and
its ability to build-up and retain carbon and organic matter.

Pasture reared animals produce healthy nutrient dense meat, high in Omega oils, while
playing a key role in sustaining and building our ecosystem and environment.