1. Create an Account

You need to create an account to order with Wye Organic

2. Choose Your Order

Choose a subscription (veg, meat or flowers) or a one-off bespoke order.

3. Add your Card Details

Enter your payment card detals. These are stored on the system for repeat payments for subscriptions, and convenience for placing one-off orders.

4. The Deadline: Monday 7pm

You can tweak your order during the week right up until our deadline at 7pm on a Monday. Orders are then closed, and confirmed via email.

5. Billing

We then initiate billing - usually on Tuesday morning - when payment is taken for all the week's orders. If you've ordered with us before, or have a subscription, your details will already be on the system and you will receive email confirmation of the billing. *If you've ordered before, or have a subscription, there is no "pay now" button or anything like that; all you need to do is add items to your box before 7pm on a Monday. They will then be billed on a Tuesday and delivered on Thursday / Friday.

6. Delivery

Orders are then delivered to HR postcodes on a Thursday, and GL / NP postcodes on a Friday.

7. ...and Repeat! (or not)

If you have a subscription, this will then repeat automatically with the following order cycle. If you have placed a one-off bespoke order, this will NOT be repeated and no further payment will be taken until your next order (unless you have designed your own repeating bespoke box). And if you have a subscription and are planning a holiday, you can Pause your deliveries yourself by logging in to your account.

8. Any Questions?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about ordering and payment.