The Wye Organic Veg Box Scheme

Updated: Apr 22

Due to popular demand, we are launching our veg box scheme for Spring 2022!

How it works

  • Sign up for a small, medium or large box via our website;

  • You will then receive a mixed box of seasonal vegetables delivered to your door every week, on a Thursday / Friday (see Delivery below);

  • Our experienced team of vegheads will compile the box each week, balancing variation and seasonality (see What's In the Box below);

  • Going on holiday? Simply let us know by Tuesday the week before delivery to cancel your box for that week.

  • Got guests staying? Fancy more tomatoes next week? You can also easily add supplementary items to your regular box (including meat and flowers).

Why a box scheme?

  • Easy for you: simply sign up once, and the boxes will flow to your door! No need to remember to place an order before the deadline each week. With recurring weekly payments, you don't have to do anything else.

  • Discover something new: try out a vegetable you might not have thought of cooking with before.

  • Enjoy the staples: our boxes include regulars such as potatoes, carrots and onions.

  • Enjoy seasonality: most of the box contents is grown at Wye Organic, with other organic veg sourced locally where necessary. Our team is experienced at curating a box to balance roots and leaves with the occasional novelty.

  • Efficient: doing a standardised box saves time and admin helping keep the box affordable for you.

  • Value for money: this efficiency makes the subscription box better value than picking and choosing individual items.

  • Connect with the land: a box scheme is a partnership between farmer and eater.

What's in the box?

We balance a range of the following according to what's in season:

  • Regular staples: Potatoes, onions, carrots;

  • Salad: Mixed fresh salad leaves from our walled garden and polytunnels

  • Leafy greens: spinach, kale, chard, and much much more;

  • Roots: parsnips, beetroot, celeriac, swede, turnips, radish.

  • Alliums: leeks, spring onions, garlic;

  • Fruiting veg: tomatoes, peppers, beans (french, runner, broad and more), aubergines, courgettes, peas, pumpkin and squash;

  • Stem veg: celery and fennel;

  • Brassicas: British Isles stalwarts such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.

  • Novel veg: the occasional unusual, such as cucamelons, kohlrabi, cape gooseberries and aztec broccoli.

We grow all of the above here in the Wye Valley and will assemble a balanced combination for you each week, supplementing our own produce with bought-in local organic veg when necessary.

What's not in the box?

  • Imported out-of-season vegetables such as tomatoes in February, or french beans from Kenya.

What if I really don't like some vegetables?

  • Well, the box scheme may not be for you, but don't worry! You can still put together a bespoke order on our website that suits you;

  • However, many people find that a box scheme helps them open up a whole new relationship with their veg;

  • The economics of the box rely on cutting admin costs by packing a standardised box for all members of the scheme, which is what makes it affordable.

What if I'm going away for a week or two?

  • Let us know using this form, ideally by Tuesday the week before.

What if I want to cancel permanently?

  • If you're moving away, have gone off veg or if it's just not working for you, we politely ask for a month's notice leading up to cancellation.


  • Please see our deliveries page to check if you're in our delivery area:

  • We will deliver on a Thursday to HR postcodes (within our delivery area);

  • We will deliver on a Friday to GL and NP postcodes (within our delivery area).

  • At the checkout:

  • Please give directions, even if you've ordered from us previously;

  • Please give us instructions of a place we can leave your box if you're not in; this must be somewhere shady and sheltered, or a neighbour we can drop it with if necessary.

  • The box prices includes a £1.50 delivery charge. We are interested in establishing collection hubs so this charge can be waived. If you can help with arranging a hub in your area please let us know.

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