A fresh bunch of seasonal, local flowers delivered to your door every fortnight! Subscribe and save 8%


Read the full info here: https://www.wyeorganic.co.uk/post/wye-organic-flower-subscriptions


Subscriptions payments are monthly, Delivery charge of £1.50 will be added at the checkout; total subscription cost is £24.92 per month, or £11.50 per bunch delivered fortnightly.

Flowers, fortnightly

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Flowers, fortnightly
Subscribe to a delivery of fresh flowers every 2 weeks
£23.42every month until canceled
    • Always use a clean vase
    • Change the water and recut stems every 2-3 days
    • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat and draughts
    • Remove spent blooms to keep the bunch looking fresh
    • Sometimes, removing spent blooms will encourage new ones
    • Adding flower food will extend vase life