Perfect for a family of 4/5.


Choose from a weekly delivery or one larger delivery per month.


We have 2 options; the Family Favourites and the Butchers Choice.

The Family Favourites box includes cuts that everyone knows and loves, easy for midweek meals that please everyone.

The Butchers Choice box includes more premium cuts and the chance to try something new.


With the contents varying every week.

This subcription will renew until cancelled, ideal for busy people and those who forget the weekly order deadlines.

And you save money compared to buying individual cuts!


Could include:


- Organic, 100% pasture fed Beef

- Organic, 100% pasture fed Lamb

- Wild Venison (When in season)

- Organic or Free Range Chicken

- Free Range Pork


Family Favourites Inclusions (but not limited to):


- Mince Beef, Lamb and Venison

- Diced Beef, Lamb and Venison

- Lamb Chops

- Burgers

- Beef Braising Steak

- Sausages

- Chicken Breast, Legs and Whole Chicken.


Butchers Choice Inclusions (but not limited to):


- Beef, Lamb and Venison Steaks

- Beef Shin

- Beef, Lamb and Venison roasting joints

- Pork Chops

- Family favourites products also.


£40 Example Box:


~ 2kg Whole Free Range Chicken

~ 750g Beef Mince

~ 1kg Lamb Chops

~ 500g Diced Venison


£60 Example Box:


~ 1kg Rolled Brisket

~ 1kg Pork Belly Slices

~ 1kg Diced Lamb

~ 2kg Organic Whole Chicken

~ 4 x 250g Sirloin Steaks

~ 8 x Venison & Garlic Burgers


Large Meat Box

PriceFrom £40.00
Price Options
Large Weekly FF
Family Favourites
£40.00every week until canceled
Large Weekly BC
Butchers Choice
£60.00every week until canceled
Large Monthly FF
Family Favourites
£160.00every month until canceled
Large Monthly BC
Butchers Choice
£240.00every month until canceled