Wye Organic

Meat, Vegetables & Flowers from the Wye Valley

-   Veg, Salad & Herbs  -

At the heart of our vegetable production is an ancient walled garden, classed as “organic in conversion”, as this area was only formally included on our Organic Certificate in January 2021. Production follows the principles of no-dig cultivation and lots of compost, to protect the soil and produce delicious, nutrient dense vegetables.


Produce grown in our Polytunnels is “fully” organic, as these Polytunnels are in a field certified organic for over 20 years. All our produce is grown to the same strict standards required by our certifying body, the Biodynamic Association (GB ORG-06 712); you can read more – including details of all 142 requirements! - at www.bdcertification.org.uk


Fresh organic vegetables, slow-grown for flavour in our walled garden.

salad with orache2.JPG

Freshly picked seasonal organic fruit, grown for flavour in our walled garden.


Fresh organic fragrant herbs, grown for flavour in our walled garden.